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Manage Your Time
Manage Your Life

Learn productivity secrets from Co-founder and Chief Efficiency Officer of Authentic Education

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Want more hours in your day?

Are deadlines, overflowing inboxes and never-ending to-do lists common in your busy life, career or business?

Juggling work, health, family and relationships can be difficult... especially when you're trying to do it all!

There are usually 2 types of reactions to this stress:

  • Reaction #1: Procrastinate and distract yourself with Facebook!
  • Reaction #2: Work harder and stay back later. The problem is you only tread water because you run out of energy & hours in the day.

Don't wish it was easier, wish you were better

Don't wish for less problems, wish for more skills. a-stressed-business-woman-looks-tired-she-answer-telephones-in-her-office

Don't wish for less challenges, wish for more wisdom.

Most people are trying to solve the riddle of time by working harder, not smarter.

Working smart means taking a step back...
and look at HOW you are doing things...
not WHAT you're doing...

The Ultimate Time Management System

  • There is a solution to balance all your responsibilities
  • A system which creates more time for your relationships, health, finances, career, happiness...and every area of your life.
  • A system which allows you to get more done with ease.
  • It's called a SYSTEM because it stands for "Saves You Substantial Time Energy and Money"
  • And it's a time management system I've been refining over the last 16 years.
  • It's a complete system for getting things done. And I will show you HOW and WHY it works so well at the upcoming evening...

Manage your time, Manage your life

Learn easy to follow principles for life, career or business:

  • How to Conquer Your Inbox
  • How to Become the Most Productive & Successful Version of You
  • 3 Free Applications for Ultra Productivity
  • How to achieve things faster and tick more tasks off in 1 day
  • Organizing Your Workload Without Stress
  • How to Avoid the 3 Biggest Time Traps
  • 5 Myths About Time Management
  • How To Have More Hours In Your Day, and Weeks In Your Year
  • ... and much more
  • If you want to get results faster then this event is a must.
    "Time management is the MOST underrated success strategy", so book your seat today.

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TBA - Register now to be on the waiting list.
We will notify you when dates become available.

About Your Facilitator, Cham Tang

Co-founder and Chief Efficiency Officer at Authentic Education (A BRW Fast Starters 100 Company).

Cham has handled all the marketing and systems at Authentic Education since day 1. He also coaches our Platinum PHD (Programs for Heart-Centred Difference-Makers) students.

Cham has also worked in sales and business development for Anthony Robbins, Chris Howard and Universal Stars.

3 FREE Audio Programs
3 FREE Audio Programs (Valued at $135) 1. Unplug - 7 Steps to Escape the System & Live on Purpose
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3. Shadow Values - The Hidden Power Within