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How To Become A Highly Successful Coach

Learn the most powerful framework for helping clients get results

Sydney | TBA

How do I start a successful coaching career?

For people that are curious about becoming a coach, there are so many options out there it can become overwhelming. We understand you have questions you need answered to make a well informed decision.

We also understand you want your coaching career to be a great success and for it to happen quickly. The good news is we are experts at helping you make a difference and an income from helping others.

Top 5 Questions From Aspiring Coaches

Who is the evening for?

  • People that have a genuine desire to help others through life or business coaching.
  • People that aren't looking for 50 different techniques, but want a practical framework they can use on a variety of problems to help clients get results.
  • Existing coaches that have done many courses but are still confused when helping clients.
  • People that want to learn directly from a highly successful coach and mentor (not just someone that teaches it)


  • The lifestyle of a coach (types of clients, how much you can make, hours etc)
  • Step-by-step plan of how to get started towards a rewarding career in coaching (including a timeline of how long it takes)
  • The Authentic Coaching Model
  • 7 components that make a highly successful coaching business
  • Types of coaches - What kind of coach could I be?
  • Top 3 best practice coaching techniques and their appropriate application (for use in 98% of situations)
  • Certification and experience that is needed (and not needed) to become a successful coach
  • Marketing - Cost-effective ways to market yourself to get clients and keep them
  • Open Q&A to answer any queries you have about becoming a successful coach

Frequently Asked Questions

These are all actual questions we have been asked. If any of them resonate with you, book your seat for the event because we will be answering them and more.

  • How can I help someone with their problems when I still have many problems of mcommon-coaching-questionsy own?!
  • How do I go from my current state (loan debt, credit card debt etc.) to being a huge success like yourself while helping other people achieve more in life?
  • I heard the coaching market is saturated - and I haven't even got going. Is this true?
  • What techniques do you actually use to get your desired outcome? Eg. visualisation, meditation etc.
  • How do I get over charging people for my service - i.e. getting clear on my self - worth and my relationship with money?
  • I know alot of theory, but I'm not sure if I can join all the dots and actually make a business from helping people. What should I do?
  • I'm fearful that I can't make as much money as a coach as I can in my current corporate job and so I'm putting off a permanent move into coaching and sticking with it as a side business instead. But the truth is, I'd rather be a full-time coach/mentor/speaker/personal development blogger etc etc. What's the best way to make the switch?
  • I feel like I don't have enough experience to start up my own business (but that also holds me back in gaining experience). How do I get out of this vicious circle?

Event Details


Sydney CBD TBA

Registration Time?

6:30pm - 7pm

Event Time?

7pm - 9:30pm

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About Your Facilitator, Rob Mason

Rob is Head of Coaching at Authentic Education and a Professionally Certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation. Rob was a facilitator at The Coaching Institute for 4 years and ran his own coaching business for 6 years.

Rob has conducted over 2,700 one-on-one sessions and works with a diverse group of clients ranging from coaches, corporate executives to small business owners and elite athletes.

Rob’s vision is to help create a world where coaches and all people move beyond their limitations to live happy, fulfilling lives while sharing their unique gifts with the world.

What people are saying…

"I've turned a talent into a thriving business, Growing Content. My coaching services are now packaged so it is easy to sign clients up for 12 months, increasing their results and my cash flow. I love it when they choose the Paid in Full bonus option.

I now have a coaching business structure to work within and clearer goals, and the difference that has made is remarkable. My workshops and speaking gigs are increasing in both quality and quantity (18 locked in already, and it's only January), and now I can sell with integrity they consistently result in more quality coaching clients.

If you are serious about making a great living with coaching, you really need to systemise your business too, and the only person to teach you is Ben Harvey."

Sue Lester
Managing Director, Prudent Juris

"Before starting with Authentic Education, I only managed to get clients who signed up for around 3 months and only ever completed a maximum of 10 coaching sessions with me. This meant I could get them past their presenting issues and pain but not really much further. Thanks to having guidance, 75% of my clients are now signed up for 12 months which has meant that I can now lead them towards the life they truly want.

My coaching income has doubled in just 12 months without me even focusing on finance! This year my focus is on finance and I look forward to what exciting things I can create in my coaching business.

Thank you!."

Christie Pinto
Personal Coach at Crystal Clear Horizons

"One of the biggest light bulb moments was to get the idea that I have to be absolutely confident in what I do and how I can help others with "Authentic Confidence". People know – subconsciously – if someone walks their talk or if they doubt themselves. I have quickly gained confidence, and immediately people seemed to notice. The reward for me was of course that they bought my coaching programs."

Eva Tzschaschel
Master Coach at Face Body Wellness

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