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Creating Financial Freedom With Shares

How to invest in shares safely and in all market conditions

With Terry Tran, Hedge Fund Manager (Mentored directly by Warren Buffett)

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7pm - 9:30 pm

In One Evening You Will:

Learn how Terry has helped ordinary people, from farmers to full-time investors, achieve a 90% success rate investing in shares in both the Australian and International stock markets, including:

  1.  How Passive Income is possible with share investing
  2.  12 point guide on to How to Pick Stocks Successfully
  3.  Top 10 Financial Mistakes To Avoid in your 40's and 50's
  4.  How to match your Personality with your investment style
  5.  Achieve high returns while Limiting Your Downside
  6.  How long it takes to learn Investing & Trading Shares
  7.  How to invest in shares and trade your way to Financial Freedom

and much more...

Discover how to build wealth like the world's wealthiest investor, Warren Buffett

Are you working hard for money?
Do you want to escape the rat race and live life on your terms?
Would you like to stop trading your time for money and start building real wealth?

The problem is most people were never taught wealth creation at school. So it's no wonder people have a pattern of lack and uncertainty in their finances. It doesn't have to be this way.

The good news is, wealth is a strategy... and strategies can be learned. Regardless of your age or current financial situation, financial freedom is attainable. Better yet, it can happen faster than you think if you start now.

Learn how wealthy people think, act and invest. Discover what's possible for you at this evening course...

  • It's possible to have enough money to work on projects you're passionate about
  • It's possible to increase your income, increase your lifestyle and travel the world
  • It's possible to avoid money stress and retire well

We look forward to helping you create the financial freedom you deserve.

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Benjamin J Harvey
Co-founder of Authentic Education

Who is this course NOT for?

  • People who want to get-rich-quick with minimal effort
  • People who are searching for a silver bullet or some type of "trick" or "secret" that will make them rich
  • People who can't follow instructions or take feedback well

Who is this course for?

  • People who want the "how-to" steps to achieve financial freedom to live an abundant lifestyle
  • People who want to spend their time working on projects they're passionate about & get paid for it
  • People who have limited cashflow but want to increase their income & standard of living
  • People who need to change their mindset around money, finances and wealth creation
  • People who want reduce their debt and create a stress-free future for themselves and their loved ones

Meet Terry Tran

Hedge Fund Manager (Mentored directly by Warren Buffett)

Terry Tran is a hedge fund manager and founder of The Freedom Trader. He began investing at 19, was financially free at 28 and has over 20 years experience in finance in companies such as National Australia Bank.

Terry's love of investing and helping others invest in the stockmarket led him to setup his own private hedge fund and be personally mentored by Warren Buffett (world's wealthiest investor) for over 2 years.

He now spends several hours a week trading, and the rest of his time travelling and helping people just like you create financial, time and location freedom through safe, consistent investing in every market condition, even if you are a complete beginner.

Wealth Results Terry Has Helped Create

The success I am having for less than 3 months of trading is truly remarkable and wonderful.

I picked up Unilever on 28 Nov (one of my first real trades) and sold it this morning (+20%).
I also ended up selling BBRY with a 36% gain.

- Tony Carlisle, SA

During the past six weeks, my share portfolio has increased 11%! Two stocks increased by more than 30%!

More importantly, dividends paid into my account in 2016 has totalled more than any previous calendar year of investing! Thank you for providing a solid road map for investing in shares.

- Tom Grisham, USA

I would have never thought I could have the confidence to buy and sell stocks on the US market.

I have only had funds in the US stock market for 3 months and averaging 6.63% return on completed investments. Not bad for a novice and only 3 months in the market.

- Tricia Butler, WA

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it REALLY Free? Why?

Yes. Like Google, we use the "Freemium" way of marketing. We deliver free, high quality services without holding anything back. That's because free events make it easier for us to empower far more people.

Am I obliged to invest or buy something?

No, you won't be obligated or directly approached to buy anything or invest in shares! (We hate those events too).

The program will have cutting edge content however our time together is very limited. Therefore a further program on how to invest in shares will be offered for purchase at the event. You're NOT obligated to buy anything. We have found that 'karma' has a way of rewarding us for our good work anyhow 🙂

Do I need to bring money in order to attend?

You don't need to bring a cent to the event. We will be providing you with the knowledge on how to invest in shares in the stockmarket and how you can create an abundant lifestyle. There will no selling of shares at this event.

Is this a get rich quick scheme?

We DON'T believe in 'magic pills' or 'silver bullets'. To achieve true and long-lasting wealth by investing in shares takes more than a quick fix. Our course is based on practical and proven strategies that when applied, have been an effective way to generate income.

What do you think about the event?

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