Today I’m coming to you live from the back of a horse called Pacey.

What I wanted to cover with you in today’s newsletter is a thing called FEAR: Fantasised Experiences Appearing Real.

Quite often in life a lot people are too afraid to go out there and be successful. In fact, if you were to ask me the number one cause of people not living their dreams and doing what they really wanted to do in life it’s because of this thing called fear.

And you may or may not be aware but when I was six years of age I went to Fiji and I had a rather large horse stand on my foot and literally shatter my big toe. So I had a lot of fear around horses and when I went up next to them my nervous system would send me into a state of shock and I just couldn’t be around them for many, many years.

When I finally discovered I had a fear of horses what I decided to do was face that fear and go beyond it. I booked in some time and I got on the back of a horse and I was able to overcome that fear. And since then I’ve made it a habit of anything that makes me afraid or anything that contracts me in any way, shape or form I go out there and I face it, I step straight into it.

You may or may not have heard say before there are only two types of energy here on planet earth, energy that contracts and energy that expands and fear is definitely an energy that contracts you. One of the things I’d like you to do is:

  • Grab a piece of paper and write down 5 things that contract you...5 things that you’re actually afraid of.
  • Then come up with a way of how to face those fears in a safe and structured system.

This is something that I’ve been doing for many, many years now. Anytime that something pops up in my life that contracts me I find a way to step straight into it so I can have that freedom of being limitless and having no boundaries around me so I can continue to expand.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this newsletter live from the back of a horse.
Until we meet again, smile often and do whatever it takes to be your own best friend.

Prosper From Your Passion

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