How to Get Paid EXACTLY What You’re Worth

People often come and see me and are curious about how they can get paid what they're worth. Now if you're anything like me, that's something that you have considered at some point in your life.

There's a very simple technique that I like to utilize with our students and certainly something that assisted me when I was kicking off my career. In order to play along with this you will need a piece of paper and a pen.

We are about to find your value. We're about to identify exactly what you will share with the world which going to allow you to finally get paid what you're worth.

Draw a line down your piece of paper so you have 2 columns.

Column #1

Write down everything that you're naturally good at or everything that you know a lot about every area of expertise or every skill you have or everything you know something about.

Column #2

For every single point you have listed, write down HOW that actually benefits a human out in society.

For example, you might write down that you have had four years experience selling electricity on the telephone. So you right that in column #1.

In column #2, you write down how that skill actually benefits people out in the real world. You might write down things like:

• "share ideas on how to begin a phone call"
• "share ideas on how to get rapport rapidly with people", or
• "how to communicate to people from all walks of life"

Certainly there is value hidden inside what you're already doing.

Quite often people are trying to upskill or reskill themselves but not realizing
they already have a whole bunch of skills inherently programmed in them throughout the life journey they have been on.

So start to look at all the skills you already have and then start to find out how those skills go out there and serve people in the community. Pretty soon you realize that you have a whole bunch of value that you haven't tapped into yet...and based on that you can start to package it together and send it out to the world.

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