Selling Made Easy Home Study Program – 7 Steps to Selling Anything

Track Listings A lot of homestudy programs won’t list the tracks because they are thin on content. However, Selling Made Easy is jam packed with value…see for yourself! Selling Made Easy CD 1 1.01 – Intro 1.02 – Opening 1.03 – Suspend Your Disbelief 1.04 – Selling Your Phone 1.05 – Sales Summary 1.06 – Set Your Goals 1.07 – Learning New Skills 1.08 – The Sales Formula 1.09 – Developing A Need 1.10 – MD Consultation 1.11 – Grandma… » Read more

Cell Yourself – The Power of Cellular Alignment (2 CDs)

Dear fellow learner, Have you tried to change something in the past but could not make it stick? Or have you been mentally trying to get yourself to change your behaviour or emotions? The good news is, there is a science behind it. In this 2 CD audio program, Benjamin J Harvey explains the biology of change and how you can use it to feel positive emotions more consistently and change a behaviourpermanently. Prepare to learn, laugh and change as… » Read more

Entering the Zen Zone – Guided exercises that instantly silence the mind (2 CDs)

Have you tried meditating before but got distracted? Have you found it boring or perhaps you didn’t see the point of meditating? In this 2 CD audio program, Benjamin J Harvey explains the power and benefits of meditation using guided exercises so you don’t fall asleep! Prepare to learn, laugh and change as Benjamin J Harvey shares his 15 years of research into human potential. You will: Learn how to live in the present moment Gain more clarity throughout your… » Read more

Busting Through Your Fears! – Ari Galper Interviews Benjamin Harvey

This 70 minute interview was recorded with Ari Galper for his “Unlock the Game” students. Benjamin J Harvey covers: The 4 major fears people have Why our beliefs are the way they are Steps to removing beliefs that create fear The mental stages you can expect while removing beliefs Why traditional affirmations don’t work and the simple shift to make them work The power of being present BONUS Questions and Answers from students (Sales examples are used, but the strategies… » Read more

New Year’s Revolution

7 GREAT TIPS ON HOW TO SET A NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTION Dear Determined Seeker of The Best Life Possible Have you ever had to wake up ridiculously early for a plane flight? When the alarm goes off, the sun may not be up, but you are ready and energised… And you didn’t even hit the snooze button! Well, the same is true for planning your year. The smart time to set your goals for the new year is now! This… » Read more

Presenter’s Pro Formula

This Audio Program Is For: People who want to share their message with the world in a way the has impact Anyone making sales presentations to one or many (groups, on stage, online webinars) people. Coaches and consultants that want more clients. One of the best lead generators is giving speeches and talks. People selling via email, websites, video or social media. Anybody that wants to influence someone to make a decision. People who want to create presentations that inspire… » Read more


60 minute audio covering How to escape your job and do what you love What does it take to turn your message into a REWARDING career? Clarifying your PURPOSE (and why it doesn’t need to be crystal clear right now) How to remove any internal RESISTANCE that stops most people from starting Why you DESERVE and are ALLOWED to make money while helping others Why most people FAIL (and how to avoid common mistakes Online Special Digital Download: $15

The Perfect Pitch

Effective Strategies On How To… Use The “Perfect Order Of Selling” 15 steps that boost sales (when followed in sequence). Have Customers Sell Themselves When you say something customers doubt it, when they say it its TRUE. Establish Your Product As A Necessity Shift your product from being a nice-to-have to a MUST. Trigger Impulse Factors Tired of hearing I’ll think about it? Trigger customers (with integrity) to buy now. Online Special Digital Download: $15

How To Become A Highly Successful Coach

71 Minute Audio Plus 3 Videos Covering… How to attract IDEAL CLIENTS What does it take to turn your passion into a REWARDING career? Why most coaches FAIL (and how to avoid common mistakes) What types of techniques DO and DON’T work with clients How to sell your services with INTEGRITY The 7 keys to becoming a HIGHLY successful coach Online Special Digital Download: $19

Lights On

44 Minute Audio to Help You to Connect with Your Authentic Confidence… In this audio program, Benjamin J Harvey delivers a guided exercise that will surprise you with its simplicity and results. How to turn your lights on anywhere in seconds Being magnetic so people are drawn towards you How to feel light and safe at will Online Special Digital Download: $19

Elevate Book Series

Want To Radically Transform Your Life? Too often it’s believed that an abundant life is out of reach and is somehow reserved for others. This book series contains the inspiring messages of people who have elevated their life, and now empower others to achieve the same. Elevate Your Success Want To Radically Transform Your Life? Too often it’s believed that an abundant life is out of reach and is somehow reserved for others. This book contains the inspiring messages of… » Read more