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Liberate your mind and emotions with the most successful healing technique on the planet

freedom-ufcLiberating your mind, balancing your emotions and healing yourself are essential steps in your journey to fulfillment. In 4 days, you will use the Universal Freedom Technique (UFT) combined with your own private transformation “pod” to experience the freedom life has to offer.

You will have the unique opportunity to invest quality time in your personal transformation, eliminating suppressed or hidden blockages that are hindering your flow to success.
Together with your guide, you will privately work through and release the repeating patterns, that do not serve your higher purpose.

By learning the neurological and physiological workings behind your thoughts and emotions, you will understand how your entire life's experiences have had an impact on creating the person that you are today. Through this wisdom you will be better equipped to find new pathways of operating allowing you to consciously move towards doing the things you LOVE to do, rather than functioning reactively by doing the things you think you SHOULD do.

As a result of the program you will find inner balance and learn how to tap into your authentic self to take fearless action on your dreams and desires. You will learn to heal yourself, heal your life and become your own best friend.

Your transformation will also be followed up with an implementation and support program, so that your 'old' destructive patterns are neutralised permanently.

By the end of this program, you will:

  • How to take control of your emotions and how you react to the world
  • Working through your significant events in the peaceful confines of your private transformation pod
  • Working through your fears and learning the most effective strategies to move beyond them
  • Becoming your own Guru by deciphering the hidden meaning and messages of your experiences
  • Unlocking and neutralising the top 10 neurological gates to your freedom
  • Using your Shadow Values to create your desires

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Written Reviews for "Unlocking the Freedom Code"

Danyelle_Anderson "I had been suffering with depression for one and a half years. After a short 29 minute phone call with Ben I have never had a single episode of depression since. Ben not only healed me but he turned my whole life around. He taught me to follow my heart and now I am in the process of leaving my partner and creating the life I have always dreamt of. I wish that everyone who is suffering from depression could find Ben just like I did. I feel so blessed!

Thank you so so much."

- Danyelle Anderson

tom-zettler "While we were at Unlocking The Freedom Code, both Natasha and I separately kept seeing a house on the water on the sunshine coast. We finished the course with such clarity and certainty on what we wanted that we had our new home locked in within 1 week.

We moved in over the weekend and we just love it!

It feels like we are living at a resort. We would love to have you over to come and visit. Guest room, deck and pool are awaiting your arrival.

Thanks again for all you inspirational support."
- Tom Zettler Manager at Calibre Global

Sharne Clarke "I wanted to say a special thank you to Benjamin J Harvey for writing the Shadow Values book as well as Unlocking the freedom Code. Up til recently I've been challenged by self limiting beliefs about my singing career. After unblocking some gates, following the guidelines to creating new belief systems and reading about my Shadow Values, I got a call 2 days ago to do a fill in job for a Motown show.. I have 2 days to learn an entire show however moving past my comfort zone I know is going to unleash my potential .. I've decided to observe that voice that tells me I can't do it and go out and sing anyway. So for those of you who are holding yourself back, move aside and give yourself permission to shine. This is a work in progress but at least I have started again."
- Sharne Clarke

money-back-guarantee-gold-100h PS - Now, for those of you who think $4,997 bucks is too much of a risk, here’s our MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE:
If you don’t laugh at least once (that includes at me), learn something valuable you can use right away, or feel you got your $4,997 bucks worth, just ask for your money back.


PPS - "No Hugging" policy applies. We promise you won't be subjected to the outstretched arms of a stranger!
(The same applies for hand holding, shedding tears and all things not required to experience freedom.)

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