Nov 28 - Dec 2, 2014
Mar 11 - 15, 2015
Sydney CBD

Who is the Program for?

The Expert Accelerator Program is for people who want to be financially rewarded for helping others create change in their lives. It is for 3 main types of people:

  1. People that are not 100% clear on their message or purpose, but know they don't want to work 9-5 for the rest of their lives.

  2. People that have the advice, skills or experience to help people and want to implement the most effective marketing and business strategies that are working right now in Australia.

  3. Business owners and consultants that want to create a profitable & reliable income stream by branding, positioning and promoting themselves properly.

... and anyone that wants to have fun achieving this quickly, with the support of an experienced team and the encouragement of an inspiring community.

Program Outline

Day 1: Matrix and Mystique

Module 1: Master Your Matrix

  • Your mind is a matrix and how it is wired up can pre-determine your success. There are 10 blockages which will keep you from being successful as an expert and we will eliminate them one by one.
  • Common thoughts like "Will people listen to me?", "Do I have enough skills, knowledge or experience?" are also covered.
  • Common feelings such as unworthiness, overwhelm and fear will be neutralized so you no longer feel any resistance to taking action.

Module 2: Create Your Mystique

What makes you or your product/service attractive?
What's so great about how you deliver your value?

  • If there is nothing "special" about you or the way you do things, nobody will listen to you. Mystique is more than just a "unique selling point", it's about creating a compelling connection with your ideal client.
  • In this session, we will unpack all of your experiences, stories, credentials (you have more than you think) and methods.
  • You will have more confidence about your value in the marketplace and naturally, people will be drawn to your certainty and authentic character.

Module 3: Identify Your Avatar

  • Your avatar is your ideal customer.
  • After session 2, You also will have identified your ideal customer, complete with their own name, thoughts, desires and history. As you will realize as the program progresses, this is a critical component in everything from marketing to delivering your value.

Module 4: Create Your Positioning Stories

  • How people perceive you or your product/service is critical. Your branding starts with stories that position you as someone worth listening to...an expert.
  • In this module we will link your mystique to your ideal customer's needs in the form of a compelling story where they will say "tell me more".

Day 2: Masterpiece

Module 5: Productize Your System

  • You have your unique way of achieving results with clients. Productizing your system is about condensing and branding these steps. Whether you sell a product or service, you need to have a unified, duplicatable process so you create more predictable results.
  • This has numerous other benefits such as creating a unique system which people can ONLY buy from you, being scalable and more certainty and clarity when helping clients.

Module 6: Make Your Masterpiece

  • In this session, you will transform your message into an actual offer that you are proud of.

What will your offer consist of?
How would you like to deliver your message?
Is it via a 12 month coaching program, a package of 5 products, an online audio program or a combination of a variety of methods?
What do you call it?

All of this forms your masterpiece.

  • After this session, not only will you have the answers to these questions, but you will have done the work of implementing them.

Module 7: Ascension Model

  • People pay for a path. They want to follow you (as the expert) along a path that will transform their lives. Rarely is this a one-off event.
  • That's why you need an ascension model. This also includes packaging your products / services in a way that has long term benefits for both you and your customers.
How do I build an ascension model?
How much do I charge?
What different types of packages can people purchase?
What is included?
Are there bonuses and what are the best types?

Day 3: Magnet

Module 8: Create Your UEPs

  • UEPs are Unique Educational Points that give people value while raising your position as an expert in their minds.
  • They are points that people have not heard before, or have not heard explained in a certain way before.
  • They are vital in everything from marketing, sales to transforming people's lives.
  • In this module you will craft over 5 of your own UEPs.

Module 9: Create Your Magnet

  • Your magnet is the initial offer that people will be attracted to. Eg. A free report, ebook, sample product or video series.
  • There are 5 components to an effective magnet, and you will craft yours so it contains all of them.

Day 4: Marketplace

Module 10: Magnetic Marketing

The 3 essential components of marketing are:
1. Locate
2. Captivate
3. Elevate

  • After this session, you will have highly practical and low cost methods of attracting new customers.
  • You will also have a business development funnel through which people "ascend" through.
  • You will have a recorded a video that will start the ascension process by capturing email addresses.

Module 11: Vision Selling

  • You can't serve people without selling. Yet alot of people have "stuff" around selling.
  • The good news is, one of the greatest things about the information age is our ability to deliver frequent, low-cost messages to potential customers.
  • Vision selling is about inspiring people to buy and make a difference in their lives.
  • After this session, you will see selling is inspiring and it will feel more easy, clear and be more effective.

Day 5: Mission-Maps and Message

Module 12: Design your Mission-Maps

  • Knowledge is nice, but action is life. In this session, we will map out your timeline of what has to happen next and in the correct order.
  • You will leave with blueprints for how you will create your purpose driven income.
  • We will also be covering specific MAPs for becoming a Coach, Trainer or Online Educator.
  • If you need to unplug from the system of working 9-5, then we will share with you the most effective strategy to accomplish this.
You will be shown "The Vault": the complete suite of documents from marketing, email copy, business forms, suppliers of products, software you need, client agreements etc.

Module 13: Craft Your Master Message

What value do you want to share with the world?
Who do you want to share it with?
Is there actually a market for it?

  • A common problem is trying to be all things to all people. It leads to numerous problems such as added stress, confusion from customers and a scattered marketing approach.
  • As you progress as an expert, you will find your success arrives at the same pace as your ability to gain clarity on your core message.
After this session you will have crafted your master message which inspires both yourself and customers to take action. You will have more raving fans and even greater referrals from other people.


Dr John Demartini, Teacher from "The Secret" Jack Delosa, Founder of The Entourage Group
John Assaraf, Teacher from "The Secret" Chris Howard, International Author and Speaker

When is it?

Dates: November 28 - December 2 (Fri - Tue), 2014
March 11 - 15 (Wed - Sun), 2015
July 8 - 12 (Wed - Sun), 2015

Where is it?

Address: Sydney CBD

Your enrolment into the "Expert Accelerator Program" includes:

Expert Accelerator Workshop
5 day LIVE intensive
eapliveintensive valued at $5,997
The Expert's Vault
Complete suite of documents and marketing
 eapvault valued at $2,000
Graduate Re-Attendance Workshop Pass lopliveintensive valued at $2,000
Accelerated Expert Masterclass Series (Delivered over 6 months)
Includes Q&A sessions, recordings
 eapaudio valued at $600
Group Mentoring and Coaching with Benjamin J Harvey (6 months) valued at $600
6 Months Phone & Email Support with the Authentic Education team in Australia valued at $600
Strategic Advice & Access to the Authentic Education Network  eapadvise Priceless

All courses and classes delivered by Benjamin J Harvey 100% of the time!

Total Value $11,797+


Results from participants
after the program
(emailed to us without being asked)


After two years of trying my best to get my coaching business up and running I was still struggling to break even. Expenses were high and the systems I was using simply weren't working.

After attending Expert Accelerator I was able to finally express the value I provide and how I could best serve people. As a result of following exactly what Ben taught us to do I was able to generate $105,000 of new coaching business within 40 days of leaving the program. I only spoke to 15 people and 9 of them signed up for the packages I had created during the Expert Accelerator.

As of today, 19th of December, next year's clients are all booked in and I have earned my income for the year. I can now relax and focus on delivering results to my clients. Thanks Ben for everything.

Tiffany Bowtell
Business Coach

Maria Zuschmann

Also wanted to say a huge heartfelt thank you, The 2 courses I have attended with you so far have been brilliant.

I have done many different courses, attended seminars etc that gee you up for the period of time you are there and if I’m lucky the week after.

With your courses, I walk away and implement straight away and you have given me the tools to be able to look at the system and refine as I go, rather than for waiting for the never arriving perfection before taking action. Truly life changing.

The most important thing it has given me is the ability to acknowledge and recognise my shadows. Life is way more fun embracing them and creating opportunities to let them be fed for good and moving ever closer to my big goal.

Thanks again!

Dr Maria Zuschmann
Family Wellness Chiropractor

Michol Eamiguel

Hi guys, just wanted to let you know I've closed a $5k deal. I used what I learned at the Expert Accelerator Program and sold them on a system to make them the experts in their industry.

I'm making their websites, animated videos plus auto follow up systems. If they're happy with the first project, I will be making another website ($3k - $5k) + a maintenance fee of $750 to $1500 to manage their lists, print ads, conversions etc.

It's amazing what people will pay when they feel you're an expert ;-)

Michol Eamiguel


Hi Ben and Cham!

The good news is... I am up and running! I had my free info night this week, used lots of strategies from the expert accelerator and have signed up 6 people to my gold package! I got some excellent feedback about the presentation.

Thanks for your support.



Steve Gardiner

I have been recommending that people attend Expert Accelerator. Out of all the courses that I have attended this has been the most practical and has given me rapid results.

After attending Expert Accelerator I put into place just two practical things that were recommended by Ben. My business is Quit Smoking and most of my clients sign up over the phone. By putting into place what was recommended, within a week I had increased my client numbers from 8 a week to 14.

Ben’s practical advice enabled me to build a sales conversion system that was easy to follow and encompassed what I wanted to say. I was also able to develop a model of my process which I have put into my brochure and enables my customers to understand what I do to enable them to become fresh air breathing people. go to Ben as it will change your business.

Steve Gardiner

Daniella Mancuso

Hi Ben 3 days after Expert Accelerator I made my first platinum package sale using the 7 Step System to Optimum Wellness for Busy Executives that I created at the program.

You challenged my beliefs and showed me how to create extra value in my packages to justify my new pricing structure. Prior to this my 'ecology' couldn't see how anyone would pay $1997 per month for my services.

I have now quadrupled my rate and deliver excellent value to my clients. I am so excited to implement more gems from Expert Accelerator into my business!

Daniella Mancuso

lisa page

I’m a part of Ben’s Group Coaching & Mentoring Program (which comes as a bonus with my course), and on the last call I was looking for ways to create a high end package that would truly serve my clients, and take me once and for all, out of the ‘trading time for money’ model.

I explained to Ben what I had in mind, and where I was stuck. In that five minute conversation, Ben gave me the insightful clarity I needed to go away and create the perfect high end program that is truly transformational, and cost me almost nothing in overheads! As a result, I increased my income by $5397 in that one month! And I’m set to further that this month.

While I’m truly grateful for the additional income, it’s not just about the money. It’s about the internal clarity + effective strategy that I now have to create and package high end programs that truly serve and satisfy my clients, giving them results way beyond what they’ve invested, and giving me an instant increase in sustainable income. Yeah to that!!!

Thank you Ben!

Lisa Page


Hi Ben, it's Anthony Edmonds here. Just wanted to drop you a line to say hi & let you know I used your shapes & systems model learnt in expert accelerator in a job interview to land an awesome job that will see my earnings hit over $250k in the next year as a general manager in the property industry, teaching people how to change their lives & achieve financial security. Just wanted to say a big thank you.
Chat soon,
P.S. that means I will more than double my income in the next year - friggin awesome!

Anthony Edmonds


Hi Ben and Cham,

I would like to share my progress since attending the Expert Accelerator.

Last month I was able to create my first package and MEVO using the Expert Accelerator formula and sold 3 silver to existing patients in my database. Not only that, by sending one of the templates letters from the Vault I’ve gained more new clients. The program has practically already paid for itself in a month.

The Expert Accelerator has helped me create my own business model and to start delegating jobs I don’t like doing or not good at to others. I’ve been creating a team of people who are now helping me with my mission.

I have a copywriter, a mentor, a researcher and a marketing team helping me as we speak. It is all growing organically, it has meaning and it feels good!

I realized my highest value is my business because it will allow me to be creative, educate people, connect and serve. It’s my canvas.

The most important part to me is that Ben has helped me tap into the essence of my vision and BELIEF I can do it. That is priceless.

Thanks again. I appreciate your help in getting me to start living my mission. Observing the “becoming” of this vision which is the most inspiring to me.

With love and appreciation

Isabel Peace


Thank you so much for your expert accelerator program, and the information I learned from you has been incredible and life changing.

I came home to Brissy and set to work on my true path, in the short time since then I have created a magazine called Mission Beautiful Australia Magazine, {MBA magazine}, I have published 2 quarterly issues and raised over 20K for charity with it and holding fundraisers.

I have also appeared on national television on the Today show on Channel 9 with Karl Stefanivic, and had the honour of meeting some incredible people such as our MC for the Gala dinner James Blundell country musics legend in Australia.

I wanted to write to you and let you know how much success I have had unless than a year from attending your course and thank you for helping me to realise who I really am and what I can actually do.

With Love and Gratitude

Amy-Lee Hands

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