Fool’s Gold (12 Marketing Strategies You Shouldn’t Try)

I remember when we first started Authentic Education, one of the first biggest questions I had was “how are we going to get clients?” I had all these great ideas but many of them were a complete waste of time and I would like to save you a lot of heartache and high expectations being shattered by going through what I call ‘Fools Gold’. So these are things that I believe you really shouldn’t try when it comes to marketing…. » Read more

5 Reasons To Never Buy Facebook Likes

So you started your brand new Facebook page, you’re all excited and pumped up. The only problem is it looks pretty bad because you haven’t got many likes. So you start Googling like 720 other people every month in Australia to “buy” Facebook Likes. And it seems like a really good idea but I’m going to share with you in this video why it’s absolutely not and is going to hurt you especially in the long run. Anyways, here’s how… » Read more

How many pages should my book be?

I’m often asked how many pages, or words, a manuscript should be. In my mind it all comes down to why you’re writing your non-fiction book. The questions you need to ask yourself are: What does your book audience want to read? Who’s going to benefit from it? In what format(s) would they like to read it? Do they want standard-size print books, audiobooks,eBooks or skinny-print books? Whenever you start a book project, you need to know who you’re writing the book for and what outcome you want to… » Read more

Is FEAR stopping you writing your book?

Whenever you embark on a new adventure or project, it’s normal to feel fear, doubt and worry. These feelings can all be encapsulated in one word: Resistance! It’s how your body protects you. What it’s telling you is this: Caution! Something new is happening that I don’t know about. Successful people don’t let fear stop them. It’s a myth that they don’t feel fear. They’re human. Of course they do. Though time after time they learn to recognise it, acknowledge it, analyse it but most of… » Read more

I’m not an expert–Can I still be an author?

“You don’t have to be an expert to be an author, but being an author makes you the expert.” Over the years, as I’ve helped people become published authors, I’ve noticed that one of the main objections I hear is, “I’m not an expert.” I went to university and got a degree, so I guess after a few years, I was an expert of sorts. Recently when I was introduced as a published author, the person I was being introduced… » Read more

[Audio Interview] Turning Fear Into Fortune

Download the audio by clicking here. Let’s face it, sometimes working towards your goals or being an entrepreneur can be tough. I commend you for stepping outside your comfort zone because I know it often comes with resistance or fear. But it also comes with opportunity… That’s why I recorded a very special interview called “Turning Fear into Fortune” with my friend, Louise Bedford. If you’re ready to beat your hangups, squash your bad habits and smash your rear-view mirror,… » Read more

4 Principles to Successful Investing And Trading

I have dedicated nearly two decades of my life to trading and I have learned many things along the way. One important thing I have learned is that keeping it simple is a good strategy as long as we do not inadvertently remove some key aspects of trading in our quest to simplify things. That will only serve to make success more difficult to achieve. I have been able to identify five aspects of trading that I feel are essential… » Read more

How Much Money Do I Need To Get Started To Trade Or Invest?

I get asked this question quite frequently from my readers and I’m sure many more out there are wondering about this too. No two traders have the same amount in their account when they start out. I spent time during my career experimenting with different systems and with different account balance sizes. There are some brokers, however, that do require a minimum amount to open a brokerage account. Exactly how much you’re going to need to get started will depend… » Read more

How much time does it take to become a successful investor or trader?

There is no exact time frame, but what I can tell you is that it does not happen overnight. I have known many people who thought they could sign up for a 2-day seminar and walk out knowing everything there is to know and expecting immediate success. It would be great if it worked that way, but unfortunately, the only way to becoming a successful investor and trader is through continued learning and practice. Knowing where to start is difficult,… » Read more

7 Things Wealthy People Know

What separates wealthy people from most people? Is it the family they were born into? No, because there are plenty of rags to riches stories out there. Is it knowledge? It can’t be just knowledge, because then librarians would be the richest people on the planet. If it’s not family or knowledge, what is it? It comes down to actions repeated over time. And if you can take those same actions, you can achieve the same results. Like the Roman… » Read more