The 5 Levels Of Financial Freedom

Today I wanted to share with you “The 5 Levels of Financial Freedom”. The video below might make you a little uncomfortable, as many people may discover the level they are currently on might not be where they want to be. The good news is that you can change any levels any time you like, through the application of knowledge called “action”. Let’s take a look at each level. If you’ve been studying finance, wealth or abundance at any point… » Read more

Top 5 Wealth Creation Questions

Are you looking for an abundant lifestyle? Do you want to increase your income and standard of living? Well you’re not alone. Financial Freedom is an important goal for 82% of Australians. That’s according to a recent survey we conducted on over 25,000 Australians. Off the back of that survey, we received hundreds of questions. What I’d like to do is answer The Top 5 Questions for you. Who knows, one of the questions might have been yours! Get some… » Read more

4 Reasons Why Beginner Investors Fail

Investing is not a familiar topic for many people. And I see so many beginner investors wanting to get it right. And I completely understand this because you want to make sure you don’t do something silly with your hard earned money, and that it’s invested in the right place. But this need to get it right quite often can be a hindrance as much as a help. That’s why today I wanted to share the 4 most common reasons… » Read more

[A Speech to 250 High School Students] Get SET For Life

Download the audio by clicking here. (Thank you to Principal Mr David Deitz and Mr Narinder Parmar from Smiths Hill selective High School in Wollongong for inviting me to speak to your Yr 11 & 12 students) This was the first time I have ever been given the opportunity to help improve the lives of people at such an early age and it was indeed a privilege. There was so much I wish I’d love to say in 30 minutes… » Read more

3 Essential Ingredients To Financial Freedom

Today I wanted to share with you something known as FTV. It’s the absolute fundamental essence of how anybody including yourself, can go out into the marketplace and build an incredible level of sustainable wealth in a very short period of time. Without FTV, almost none of this is possible. I know that wealth is single-handedly responsible to creating the most amount of stress in most people’s lives, so wealth is one of these things they can actually undo all… » Read more

The MOST popular question answered about Wealth Creation

We recently conducted a survey about wealth creation and people’s theories around the topic. We also wanted to understand the road blocks people face when trying to create their own Financial Freedom Formula. From the hundreds of responses we’ve received, there was one question from our respondents that clearly stood out. Its a question that creates an incredible psychological, limiting belief that often prevents people moving towards the abundance they know they deserve and desire in life. The question was:… » Read more

Your 7 Questions Answered About “Prospering From Your Passion”

Recently, we received over 100 questions prior to participants attending Prosper From Your Passion. Many of the questions were around marketing. So I decided to record this video answering 7 of the most frequent questions we receive. 1. What clever marketing strategies can you do yourself that does not cost a bomb? 2. Are you a gifted speaker? How did you take this skill and help others? 3. Is my dream or ideas worthy and possible? 4. How do you know which… » Read more

9 Delivery Methods To Share Your Message

As promised, I wanted to give you a little bit more content before you come along to “Prosper From Your Passion”. If you haven’t checked out the previous email on how to clarify what it is you want to do and really identify what your future image of yourself is, make sure you view the content prior to this. However, you can review this content, as it is a standalone process. Once you know the topic, or the idea, or… » Read more

I’m Not Clear On My Passion

I know you’ve registered for the course “Prosper From Your Passion”, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t start sharing content with you right away.   Today I wanted to talk about having a lack of clarity (This is covered in more detail on page 15 of your manual you receive at the course). People are often thinking: “What can I actually turn into a business?”, “I don’t know what I love”, or “I love multiple things and can’t pick… » Read more

Why Is The Event Free?

With only a few weeks to go before “Prosper From Your Passion” kicks off for 2017, we wanted to answer the top 4 questions people have: 1. Is this event really free? Why? Just like Google, we use the “Freemium” way of marketing. We deliver a free, high quality event without holding anything back, complete with a manual. Free events make it easier for us to help far more people. The program will have cutting edge content. Further courses will… » Read more