BRW Winner 2013

No Hype
Just down to earth,
practical strategies that work

Fastest Path
The quickest way to make money
doing what you love

Australian Made
Works for Australian audiences.
Proven to grow businesses
in the Australian economy

Award Winner
BRW Fast Starters 2013

Free Upcoming Events

Sydney | 28th Apr | 12pm-2:30pm

If you want to: market your business, product or service to an audience of millions... increase your sales and generate 100's of new leads... This special evening is for you!

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Sydney | 02nd Jun | 7pm-9pm

The Free Public Speaking Group Sydney is for beginner and intermediate public speakers, presenters and learners of any kind that want to expand their communication skills.

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Sydney | 03rd Jun | 7pm-9:30pm

A fun and structured and professional environment for people to connect. What is Speed Networking? A more effective way to network. You meet someone new every 6 minutes.

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Sydney | 09th Jun | 6:30pm-8pm

A quick and easy way to gain the numerous benefits of meditation. Unwind, learn and experience meditation after work (while the traffic dies down!)

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Brisbane | 13 - 14th Jun | 9am - 7:30pm

Discover your purpose and elevate your life. Do You Feel You Are Capable Of Achieving Much More In Life? Reach your true potential and live

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Melbourne | 20 - 21st Jun | 9:00am - 7:30pm

Discover your purpose and elevate your life. Do You Feel You Are Capable Of Achieving Much More In Life? Reach your true potential and live

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Sydney | 27 - 28th Jun | 9am-7:30pm

Discover your purpose and elevate your life. Do You Feel You Are Capable Of Achieving Much More In Life? Reach your true potential and live life on YOUR terms with this transformational weekend.

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Sydney | 22nd Oct | 7pm-9:30pm

Join journalist and publicity expert, Sue Papadoulis in this exclusive seminar. Did you know you could $20,000 in free media publicity hundreds of new leads this month?

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Facebook Reviews

Rachel Bernardo
Rachel Bernardo

Uplifting, insightful and just simply WOW! Ben is a must see speaker with a wealth of knowledge and inspired me to take action today, intentionally enjoy my 2000 weekends to do what I love and systematically get on with it. Thank you :)

Mike Judd
Mike Judd

Undertaking an Authentic Ed course is the start of a journey. The people whose lives you impact on will thank you for ever for the difference you made by starting here.
Real. Quality. World Class. Simple Systems. Empowering.

Janet Loannou
Janet Loannou

Turning point intensive was fun informative energizing empowering and well worth my weekend!!
DO IT and experience it for your self!! Ben you walk your talk THANK YOU for an awesome experience!!

Matthew Wellings

Ben is one of the most genuine people I have ever met. His passion for authenticity and following your passion is contagious. Ben inspires me to follow my passion, thank you

Sharon Mcgilvray
Sharon Mcgilvray

Authentic,amazing,awesome. . .I am looking forward to continuing my journey with authentic education. Many Thanks for assisting me to lose some of my emotional baggage.

Kat Millar
Kat Millar

Absolutely brilliant - I speak about Authentic Education, particularly Ben, to so many people. His events have been absolutely life-changing for me and I couldn't be more thankful and relieved to have found them

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